Professional Nursing, 9th Edition

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Title Professional Nursing, 9th Edition
ISBN Number 9780323551137
Main Author By Beth Black, RN, MSN, PhD
Copyright Year 2020
Edition Number 9
Format Book
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
Illustrations Approx. 125 illustrations (125 in full color)
Imprint Saunders
Page Count 416
Publication Date 04-Sep-19
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Discover what it means to be a professional nurse - the history, values and standards, and commitment to life-long learning. Professional Nursing: Concepts & Challenges, 9th Edition equips you with current professional nursing practices to positively impact your career. This easy-to-read text helps you gain insight into the current state of the profession and benefit from a thorough examination of standards and scope of practice, with new information on the Affordable Care Act, real-life interview narratives, coverage of social justice in nursing, transition into professional practice, health care delivery systems, future challenges for the nursing profession. and more. Valuable learning aids throughout this text include: case studies, cultural challenges, evidence-based practice, critical thinking, interviews, professional profiles, historical notes, nursing research, and ideas for further exploration.

New to this Edition

  • NEW! Updated information on the Affordable Care Act keeps you in the know.

  • NEW! Information on care coordination prepares you to make more informed decisions about patient care.

  • NEW! Information on care transitions so you know what to expect upon entering the workforce.

  • NEW! Increased content on diversity in nursing, ethnocentrism, moral distress and moral courage, communication models (SBAR, CUS and others), and RN to BSN education.

  • NEW! Cognitive rehearsal prepares you for the unlikely threat of lateral violence

  • NEW! Tips on documentation include both electronic and paper types.

  • NEW! Social justice in nursing helps you to learn to advocate for patients who need your help.


Key Features

  • Professional Profiles boxes provide prospective from nurses in the field.

  • Case Study boxes feature scenarios involving relevant issues in patient care.

  • Considering Culture boxes highlight the impact of culture in regards to a nurse's role and responsibilities and the patient's healthcare experience.

  • Evidence-based Practice boxes identify leading findings in nursing topics and trends.

  • Nurses Doing Research boxes highlight problems identified in patient care and the ongoing efforts to find patient interventions.

  • Interview narratives explore the issues like culture and faith from the perspectives of leaders in those fields.

  • Discussions on the implications of social media on nursing, including ethics and boundaries.

  • Historical Notes highlight little-known stories of heroisms in the nursing profession.

  • Key terms are bolded where defined in the text.

  • A Glossary is included at the end of the text.

  • Learning outcomes are presented at the chapter openings.

  • Concepts and Challenges and Ideas for Further Exploration at the end of the chapters help you to review and test prep.



Author Information

By Beth Black, RN, MSN, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill School of Nursing, Chapel Hill, NC




1.Nursing in Today's Evolving Health Care Environment
2.The History and Social Context of Nursing
3.Nursing's Pathway to Professionalism
4.Nursing Education in an Evolving Health Care Environment
5.Becoming a Professional Nurse:  Defining Nursing and Socialization into Practice
6.Nursing as a Regulated Practice:  Legal Issues
7.Ethics:  Basic Concepts for Professional Nursing Practice
8.Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice
9.Nursing Theory:  The Basis for Professional Nursing
10.The Science of Nursing and Evidence-Based Practice
11.Developing Nursing Judgment Through Critical Thinking
12.Communication and Collaboration in Professional Nursing
13.Nurses, Patients, and Families:  Caring at the Intersection of Health, Illness, and Culture
14.Health Care in the United States
15.Political Activism in Nursing:  Communities, Organizations, Government 

   16.Nursing Challenge:  To Continue to Evolve
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